Durrow Woodland Walks.

An Ever Changing Cycle Of Colours.

No matter how many times you walk Durrow’s Leafy Loop, it is never quite the same as your previous trek. Every day is a different experience, as the woodland’s appearance, colours and atmosphere constantly evolve, in tandem with climatic and seasonal changes.
One day, the woods can bask in sunshine, beneath vivid blue skies, and bright vibrant colours dominate the landscape, while the next day can be dull and overcast, and the whole appearance and mood, is transformed.
Each season brings it’s own unique appearance too. Early Spring growth, bluebells and wild garlic in May, Summer’s full foliage, through to the magnificent colours of Autumn, and the starkness of Winter.
Below is a gallery of images which illustrate the many and varied different appearances of our woodlands. 

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