Dunmore Wood Loop One

DISTANCE: Approx 3.1 Miles / 5 KM – CLIMB: 117 Feet.

Dunmore Wood, Durrow, November 30th, 2016.
Dunmore Wood, Durrow, November 30th, 2016.

This walk starts in the car-park of Dunmore Wood, Durrow. It is approximately 3 miles long and has no extreme elevations, so it can be enjoyed by all.
Upon entering the car-park, bear immediately right and follow the boundary wall to the furthermost point of the park, where a narrow trail leads through the wood for a short distance to the riverbank. Care is needed as you descend this trail as many raised roots and some rocks pose trip hazards. Keep to the left once arriving at the riverbank and follow the pathway along the river, crossing over a footbridge and continue along riverbank. After about one mile the trail swings acutely left and up a gradual climb. As the walk levels off you will pass the site where Dunmore House once stood, on your left, whilst to your right, there are open fields.
As you continue past this point, you will come to a junction where you turn right, and continue to follow the woodland path until you arrive at the stone bridge, which traverses the River Gully. Just beyond this point we take the trail through the wood to our right, and follow it all the way back to the car-park in Dunmore Wood.
Should you opt not to take this trail, you can continue on the woodland path until you arrive at a T junction, whereupon you again turn right and this too will lead you back to the car-park.

Dunmore Wood Loop One Route Map

Elevation Chart For Dunmore Wood Durrow

Dunmore Wood, Durrow Loop – 3D Flyover