DISTANCE: 3.75 Miles / 6.03 KM – CLIMB: 150 Feet

Knockatrina Wood, Durrow. October 2016.
Knockatrina Wood, Durrow. October 2016.

Walk Details

This walk starts at the Leafy Loop Map, situated in The Square, Durrow village. From this point we follow the N77, either along Mary Street, or via Castle Street, Chapel Street and along Carrigan Street, and continue out the Kilkenny road, until arriving at, and then entering Knockatrina Wood. Upon encountering the first junction in the wood you can continue straight ahead or take the slightly longer route by turning right, and following the trail through the wood ( This is the route featured on this page ).In either case you arrive at a metal stile, whereupon you can gain access to the field, with the River Nore on your right hand side. Having crossed this field you will climb two more stiles, all the while, following the river on your right, until you reach the footbridge at The Meeting Of The Waters, where the River Erkina meets the River Nore.
When you cross this bridge and enter the course wood, simply follow the woodland trail until you arrive at the N77 road, and turn left to return to Durrow village and your starting point.
Almost two miles of this walk is along the N77 so please exercise caution while walking on the roadway.
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Knockatrina & Course Wood Loop Route Map

Knockatrina & Course Wood Loop
Elevation Knockatrina & Course Wood Loop

Knockatrina & Course Wood Loop 3D Flyover

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